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As a trusted strategic partner focused on premier customer service, Sterling Risk Advisors provides credit management and surety brokerage services for firms requiring construction performance and payment bonds. Our dedicated Surety Services Practice Group has unique knowledge and understanding of your credit management and surety brokerage needs.

A Solid, Expert Approach to Client Needs

Based upon years of expertise providing credit management and surety brokerage services that are tailored to each individual client’s unique situation, Sterling Risk Advisors works to assure that client’s objectives are foremost. As a leading surety broker Sterling works with all the major sureties. Each engagement begins with a comprehensive evaluation based upon the client’s needs and desires. Following this evaluation, a plan is developed and a marketing program implemented which targets carriers who share the client’s desired characteristics.

Comprehensive Services Based Upon Business Knowledge

As your advocate, Sterling Risk Advisors’ surety professionals can assist in all stages of the process, whether it’s your first bond or you are merely seeking to improve program terms and conditions. As former underwriters we are experts in the surety business and possess a deep understanding of the construction industry. Only by knowing your business in all its intricacies can we develop a strategy that is right for you. Our services include, but are not limited to:


As former underwriters, Sterling Risk Advisors understands the information the surety is seeking, and provides a comprehensive analysis and clarification of all information provided, both financial and project related. We work with each client to address concerns and develop a road map to maximize available credit. Sterling Risk Advisors coordinates and liaises with the surety on any required meetings. Communication with the surety is crucial. As such, all meetings are carefully planned and arranged. Our professionals consult with each client on the agenda and data to be discussed/presented.


Sterling Risk Advisors is a resource beyond bond procurement and execution. Areas in which our professionals provide advice and counsel include: 

  • Financial Statement Presentation and Reporting
  • Job Profit Trending and Forecasting
  • Local Bond Requirements
  • Client Due Diligence (background, reference and credit checking)
  • Capital Raising and Balance Sheet Structure
  • Indemnity Terms and Conditions
  • Exit Plans Which Might Include ESOP or Sale
  • Professional Services Referrals (bankers, CPAs, consultants, software, etc.)

Construction Contract/Bond Forms

Sterling Risk Advisors reviews requested client provided documents, including contracts, bond forms, etc. and provides advice and counsel. We suggest that, whenever possible, the client provide contracts to Sterling Risk Advisors prior to execution, in case an attempt to negotiate changes should be made. Sterling is not licensed to give legal advice or opinions. All contracts should also be carefully reviewed by qualified legal counsel if needed.

Subcontractor Pre-qualification

Sterling Risk Advisors assists with evaluation of subcontractors and owners through investigation, analysis of financial or other types of underwriting data, reference checking, etc. Our professionals can also obtain Credit Reports on prospective subcontractors, GCs and/or owners. Sterling Risk Advisors trains your Project Managers in the proper procedures and techniques and assists with the development of a formal subcontractor pre-qualification process.

Bond Requests

All Bond Requests are responded to immediately upon receipt. Sterling Risk Advisors has powers of attorney for all our sureties. By operating under proper lines of authority, our professionals are able to expedite the process. Sterling Risk Advisors’ staff has over 75 years experience, a large forms library and stays abreast of changing conditions in the market. In addition, we represent all the top surety companies.

Backup Surety Facility

As client firms grow, it is important to consider the development of a back-up surety relationship given that carriers, markets and conditions can change over time. Sterling Risk Advisors provides a periodic review of surety programs with respect to carrier quality, rates, capacity, indemnity capital requirements, response time, etc. This ensures that clients receive the best available terms at all times.

National Association of Surety Bond Producers

Our membership in this national organization keeps Sterling Risk Advisors abreast of legislative changes, provides ongoing professional education and development, and offers market and economic updates. In addition, when needed, Sterling Risk Advisors can draw on resources “on the ground” to assist in 11th hour requests that might require the assistance of a local agent for bond execution or counter-signature assistance. 

As your trusted strategic partner, Sterling Risk Advisors provides only the best advice and counsel, creating long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial to both parties. Our industry success is founded upon integrity, mutual trust and respect.

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