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Not for Profit Entities

Sterling Risk Advisors understands that we must first know our clients’ business to know how to best serve them. Our Services Team for Not-For-Profit Entities includes skilled professionals who are not only experts in our industry; they’re experts in working with not-for-profits involved in Arts, Literacy, Relief, Education, Civic, Social, Community, Recreation, Religion, Public Health or other causes. Our professionals have decades of expertise, and are aware of the clients’ position at any point in time. We are knowledgeable in the means it takes to your trustees, volunteers, and staff as they go about worthwhile work for communities. Whether your organization is a foundation, association, cooperative, museum or other charitable operating entity we constantly analyze and anticipate risk, based on not-for-profit industry experience, cycles, forecasts and history.

Many insurance firms believe the solution to problems lies in purchasing an insurance product. Sterling Risk Advisors is interested in evaluating risk and devising solutions to minimize not-for-profit entities’ exposure. Our goal is to design solutions that control risk through management, transfer and avoidance, thereby enabling not-for-profit entities to purchase the least amount of product possible. Our first responsibility is to reduce your potential for loss – and reduced loss ultimately means reduced insurance costs.

You can rely on Sterling Risk Advisors as a trusted strategic partner based on our depth of knowledge, professionalism and dedication to integrity. We are here for you … today and tomorrow.

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