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Design Professionals

As a trusted strategic partner focused on premier customer service, Sterling Risk Advisors understands the professional errors and omissions exposure that design professionals including Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers and related consultants have in each and every project. Our Services Team for Design Professionals includes skilled experts who are focused in your professions.

Extensive Expertise to Meet Your Needs

Our dedicated professionals have decades of expertise, and are aware of the clients’ position at any point in time. We also offer a unique contract review service for each of your projects that is detailed below and not typically offered by other insurance brokers. We constantly analyze and anticipate risk, based on industry experience, cycles, forecasts and history.

Because projects are often complex with many components, one policy does not work for all. Sterling Risk Advisors offers customized policies based upon the need of each firm as well as each unique project. This includes coverage for customary practice and for the unusual, single, hybrid or difficult project that has needs for special coverages or higher coverage limits. There are no restrictions on the size or type of the project.

Customized Risk Products

Sterling Risk Advisors provides customized insurance solutions for each design professional, offering unique professional liability products that suit your needs. In achieving an adequate insurance program, our professionals apply proper risk management techniques for each design professional’s situation. Our first step is to conduct a survey of risk exposure. After identifying loss exposures, our professionals make recommendations to eliminate as many exposures as possible by eliminating business practices that expose the firm to loss. As a part of this we also review your insurance requirements of any sub-consultants you may be using and your contract(s) with these professionals. We discuss the adequacy of sub-consultants’ insurance coverages in support of you as well as how your contract obligations coordinate with their errors and omissions coverages. After reviewing your design firm’s ability to assume risk and determining the level of loss retention, Sterling Risk Advisors transfers risks that the design firm either cannot assume due to financial reasons, or does not want to assume through the use multiple insurance products.

Our specialists have the expertise to provide insurance coverage tailored to your specific needs. We work to find the policy that is right for you and your firm. We concentrate on not only your overall design errors and omissions exposure but on specialized exposures such as:

  • Breach of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Pollution Liability Including Sudden, Accidental and Gradual Pollution
  • Reimbursement of Costs Incurred to Help Reduce or Avoid a Claim
  • Punitive and Exemplary Damages Coverage

Contract Review

Sterling Risk Advisors offers a contract review service that is complimentary with your coverage and not typically offered by other insurance brokerage firms. Owners often propose significantly modified AIA or other standard contracts. We ask that you send us each and every proposed project contract with your owner clients. Sterling Risk Advisors then performs a complimentary insurance and indemnification contract review to assure:

  • That your errors and omissions and other coverages meet the contractual insurance requirements of the owner.
  • That the owner’s contract proposed language does not obligate you to errors and omissions exposures not covered by your errors and omissions or other insurance.
  • That the proposed indemnification obligation within the contract is fully supported by your errors and omissions coverages so that your firm does not end up with an uncovered contractual obligation.

As your trusted strategic partner, Sterling Risk Advisors provides only the best advice and counsel, creating long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial to both parties. Our industry success is founded upon integrity, mutual trust and respect.

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