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As a trusted strategic partner focused on premier customer service, Sterling Risk Advisors provides comprehensive solutions for clients in the construction industry. Our dedicated Construction Services Practice Group has unique knowledge and understanding of the risk exposures inherent in construction operations, as well as the unique insurance products for construction risk management. We work with all types of contractors including general contractors, electrical contractors, HVAC contractors, water/sewer and gas contractors, and artisan/trade contractors, among others.

A Solid, Expert Approach to Client Needs

Based upon years of expertise providing risk management strategies that are tailored to each client’s unique situation, Sterling Risk Advisors works with the client to assure appropriate contractual risk transfer and comprehensive coverage solutions from top-of-the-line insurers. Our clients trust us to minimize risk while maximizing value. Each engagement begins with a comprehensive evaluation based upon risk management objectives. Following this evaluation, a program is designed around client objectives and funding requirements.

Comprehensive Services Based Upon Business Knowledge

Our professionals are not only experts in the insurance business; they’re experts in the construction business as well. Only by knowing your business in all its intricacies can we develop a strategy that is right for you. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Exposure Analysis

Working closely with the client, Sterling Risk Advisors prepares a comprehensive analysis of risk characteristics and coverage needs, and monitors these exposures as changes occur. This includes obtaining prior insurer’s loss histories on behalf of the client.

Risk Marketing and Placement

Our professional brokers review exposures to be insured to available carriers and present detailed proposals showing comparisons of the most advantageous coverages and premium quotes. Sterling Risk Advisors then places coverage with the most favorable insurer or insurers as determined by the client.

Insurance Summary

Sterling Risk Advisors prepares a summary of all coverages written with an overview description of coverage and premiums that provides a quick review of the client’s coverage. The information is placed on a CD for easy referencing. This summary is for quick reference and may not reflect all of the provisions of the hard copy policies.

Policy Review

Coverages are carefully checked to ensure that all information is in line with what was previously proposed. Policies are also completely re-rated to make sure that no rating error was made by the insurer(s).

Loss Control Consultation 24/7

Sterling Risk Advisors has a strategic partnership with Risk Management Partners, a focused risk management and loss control firm with operations throughout the US. This provides our clients with 24/7 access to loss control/safety engineers free of charge, for assessment of current risk management/safety programs and field operations; ongoing audits/analysis, training and coordination of carrier offered field services; and site or remote location assessment for personal losses and compliance with OSHA, DOT and EPA mandates. In addition, corporate safety programs can be developed. Clients may also receive assistance with the implementation of drug testing and medical/background checks.

Professional Consultation/Communication

Sterling Risk Advisors provides frequent, ongoing communication as well as research assistance and consultation on risk management issues that impact the client’s business.

Resource Utilization Assistance

Most carriers represented by Sterling Risk Advisors offer extensive web based resources for loss control, claims, background investigations, physician selection, etc. Our professionals offer training on the use of these resources.

Contract Document Review

As a trusted strategic advisor, Sterling Risk Advisors reviews documents including business contracts, lease agreements, etc. This review concentrates on risk exposure, insurance requirements, professional liability, contractual liability, and “hold harmless” provisions. We suggest that, whenever possible, the client provide contracts to Sterling Risk Advisors prior to execution, in case an attempt to negotiate changes should be made. Sterling is not licensed to give legal advice or opinions. All contracts should also be carefully reviewed by qualified legal counsel if needed.

Insurance Certificates

Sterling Risk Advisors provides insurance certificates, through its office or the office of the involved insurer(s), to all facilities and organizations that require such. These certificates are issued on the same day as requested, with an original sent to the certificate holder and a copy sent to the client. Our office keeps all certificate holders on file, and at renewal of the policies, assures that updated certificates are automatically issued to all holders.

Claims Management

Sterling Risk Advisors provides claims advocacy with the carrier. In addition, we will process and track all claims and consult with the client on any issue involving a claim. Immediately following the report of a claim, we contact the client and explain the claims process and the early steps to a claim. Sterling Risk Advisors performs annual or quarterly reviews of all losses reported to insurers. The types of losses are evaluated and risk management techniques are suggested to reduce or eliminate similar claims in the future. If there is a problem with a claims adjuster or attorney representing the client on behalf of the insurer, Sterling Risk Advisors handles any problems that arise regarding client dissatisfaction.

Workers Compensation Experience Modifier

Our professionals have an in-depth understanding of the Experience Modification calculation and its intricacies. We continually evaluate for accuracy and provide counsel in understanding loss frequency and loss severity impacts, year-to-year impacts, and estimates and analysis of any other changes within the calculation.

Motor Vehicle Reports

Many clients request motor vehicle reports on perspective employees, or current employees that have been involved in accidents. Sterling Risk Advisors provides these reports free of charge.

Wrap Up Insurance Programs (OCIP/CCIP)

Sterling Risk Advisors assists with the management of Wrap Up Programs for both sponsors and participants, including paper work, enrollment, credit calculations, etc. Our extensive expertise is particularly helpful when constructing multi-family dwellings due to the unique and risky exposures inherent in these projects.


Our professionals help clients prepare for audits, and routinely review the outcomes of the audits for accuracy. We will protest and resolve audits with the carrier when necessary.

Program Development

There is no standard program. Our experts will analyze and discuss losses, controls, and financial implications to assess the risks and rewards of retention programs. Our extensive experience includes mid-level and large deductible programs, paid and incurred retro programs, multi-line deductible programs, as well as self funded/insured programs.


Sterling Risk Advisors has extensive expertise in surety bonds. Acting as a client’s advocate, our surety professionals provide advice and counsel for firms requiring construction contract bonds. This counsel is in the areas of financial presentation, capital structure, funding methods, lines of credit, and referrals to related professionals. We are committed to vigilant pursuit of the best rates and capacity while providing timely response and minimal financial requirements.


As your trusted strategic partner, Sterling Risk Advisors provides only the best advice and counsel, creating long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial to both parties. Our industry success is founded upon integrity, mutual trust and respect.

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